Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lily at 4 months

I cannot believe that Lily is 4 months old today! Oh the time has gone by so fast and yet can't imagine life before my beautiful daughter.

Her smile absolutely melts my heart and we are just beginning to hear sweet giggles. Can't you just imagine it as you look at this picture! Sheer joy :)
She is by far the most laid back child of mine. She loves to play on her mat and bat at her toys. Because she struggled with reflux for so long (and still does on occasion) she absolutely hates tummy time! I still try to have her be on her tummy once a day but she usually spits up.
I love that she is starting to interact so much more and has certain toys she likes more than others. There is a little pink butterfly that lights up and plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" that she LOVES! She also loves her pack n play.

Parker is starting to be really sweet with Lily. He'll come up to her and gently give her kisses on the head or say "Hi, Hi, Hi baby" over and over again. She is starting to really pay close attention to her brothers and all the crazy things they do. She watches them carefully and smiles so big when they come over to her.

She really doesn't have any desire to move or roll yet. I'm sure she'll get there but I'm in no rush. I'll keep her my baby girl a long as I can :)
Here is a picture of Parker at 4 months and a picture of Lily. Do you think they look alike? I don't have any pictures of Noah at 4 months on this computer...they are on snapfish...but I think she is a good combination of them both.

Because Lily and Noah are so close in age I have to carry them both down and up the stairs multiple times a day. And unfortunately we are on the 3rd floor. :( No fun! But I am so grateful for my Ergo carrier. It is the only way we can get up and down the stairs. Here is what we look like as we walk out the just picture Parker on one hip and the baby bag on my other arm. LOL It's quite the sight :)
I love my sweet girl! I love how much joy she adds to the family! I can't wait to watch her grow and to get to know her little personality more and more...but I'm on no rush. 4 months is a great age!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Parker at 17 months

Parker is growing so fast I can hardly keep up! He has so much energy and is advanced in so many things sometimes I forget he is only a 1 year old. The picture below was actually taken a couple of months ago but I love it! Parker absolutely adores his daddy and he looks JUST like him. He is always getting into his ties and shoes and pretending he is the man of the house :)

Parker loves to play with balls and trucks...all the usual little boy favorites but he LOVES to read too! He loves Dr. Seuss books and Sandra Boynton books. His favorite is "Barnyard Dance." I don't get as much time to read to this sweet boy as I did to Noah but when I do I treasure ever moment. He loves to point to each picture and all the different parts of the picture. I love snuggling with this sweet little man.

He is so fascinated by how things work and where things go. He is my little curious George :) Here you see him desperately trying to put on his own shoes. He is so independent and wants so badly to keep up with his best buddy Noah. Lately he has learned to eat with a fork and spoon by himself. He refuses to eat anything without a fork (even if it doesn't require one) because he wants to master this new and exciting skill. I love it :)

Parker is adjusting to being a big brother so well! My heart was so broken for him at first because he truly didn't understand what was going on. Now he loves his little sister and he is learning (keyword "learning") to be gentle with her and what it looks like having her in our lives. The cool part is that he will look back and never remember a time without her. I love how close in age they are even though it's tough while they are young. I love Lily's expression in the above picture...she loves her big brother so much!

Here are a list of Parker's favorite things at 17 months:
Favorite food: Pizza, bananas, pretty much any fruit, oatmeal
Favorite books: Bubbles Bubbles, Barnyard Dance, First Colors Book, all the Little People "lift the flap" books
Favorite comforts: His Pooh Bear and blue blankie (just like big brother :)
Favorite toys: blocks, cars, balls, and shape sorter
Favorite cartoon: Blues Clues (hands down)
Favorite Songs: This Little Light of Mine, Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You're Happy and You Know It, and Jesus Loves Me

Friday, September 30, 2011

Loving My Little Ones

I love being a mommy! Oh I fail at it time and time again and I see my own sin revealed so much in the way I respond to my children and in how my children respond to me but that almost makes me love it all the more. As I train and teach my children God continues to train and teach my heart and that is just His unbelievable love and grace to me. I last posted almost a year ago at Christmas time and since then we have been blessed with a 5th member of our family: Lily Jane Greene.
Oh my goodness how this little girl has blessed my life already! She is the sweetest, most beautiful and most laid back little one I have ever known...which is good considering her brothers are far from laid back :) Lily has this adorable auburn mohawk of curls that excites me so much because I think she'll have curls like her mama.
The boys adore her! Noah is always asking to hold her and gives her sweet kisses and hugs. I picture him being her confidant one day; giving her wisdom and advice and gently guiding her through life. Noah has so much compassion and such a gentle spirit. I love to see him with his little sister.

I think Lily might be a little afraid of Parker but he loves her so much. He was naturally a little jealous at first but he has definitely worked through it. Now his love of her is just a little rough at times...he is all boy and all toddler :) I picture Parker being her biggest protector. I think because they are close in age he will be very protective of her and the friends she surrounds herself with.
I love the way God has designed our family!! I love having 2 boys that couldn't be any more different and who are very best friends.

And I love having a sweet baby girl who is so patient and has such a sweet temperament because she knows it's probably going to take this mama awhile to get to her. I am so blessed!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

It has been a long time since I last updated so I owe you some pictures :) but I had to share a few of our Christmas pictures before this day was through.
While we dearly missed our family and friends we had a nice quiet Christmas just the four of us (soon to be 5 come June of next year :) Here are a few fun pictures of our day:

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


His "cheeeese" face :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reflections - Contentment

From the very beginning of this week the Lord has been working on my heart in the area of contentment. Monday, in my quiet time with the Lord, I was just really struck by the verse in Matthew 6 where Jesus says "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you" The "these things" in this passage refers to food, clothes, shelter, and all the things that are necessary to live...and I think even a few blessings on top. :) So I prayed that the Lord would help me to trust him; that I would be kingdom-minded and trust Him for the "all these things." And if the Enemy was some how not at all happy with my prayer of contentment he comes lurking in with some fiery darts that have made this week a battle for contentment. Fiery dart #1: Thought planted "If I only had 3 bedrooms...just a bigger place to live things would be so much easier" -- discontentment. Fiery dart #2: Thought planted: "I am sooo ready for this season of life to be over!" --discontentment. Fiery dart # 3: Opportunity presents itself...I get excited...opportunity leaves. --discontentment. There were so many of these fiery darts this week and I really battled to stay focused being fully satisfied in the Lord. But God.....aren't those the 2 sweetest words ever "but God" know something exciting is about to happen when you hear those 2 little words. God didn't leave me to battle on my own. He sent a new friend to say something to me that I don't think I'll ever forget. She said, "Don't wait for your life to finally happen or you'll miss it all together." Boom!! That hit me like a semi! Life is now! My babies are young now! I don't want to miss any part of this or any part of what God would have me to do because I'm too busy looking at what was or what could be. I want to be still and listen to God's voice and direction in opportunities to share the gospel, how I can love my husband well, how I can teach and shepherd my boys, how I can love others....all of those things I can do NOW! And what is more important? Do I need a bigger house to accomplish those! Do I need to be better off financially to love and serve my family and my! Life is now! Lord, help me to always see that and to stay content in your all-sufficient love and grace for me each and every day.